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City of Rockford: A Brief History

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The history of Rockford, Minnesota dates back to 1855. In Illinois, two men, George Ames and Joel Florida, read about the spectacular land in Minnesota. They came to the area by way of the Mississippi River. Eventually, they settled in the area known today as Rockford. Once there, they met a man who had already started a settlement. However, he was tired of the woods and bugs and eagerly sold his home to the two men.

At that time the town had no name. The people that lived there argued over what to call it. However, George and Joel had been raised in Rockford, Illinois, so they named this town after they place they had known for many years of their life.

Most people that moved to the settlement did not last long. This area was in the middle of thick woods, and it provided a tough and hard way of living at that time. However, those who stayed benefited greatly by having plenty of resources they did not have to share with many others. Rockford village was officially incorporated in 1881, by an act of the Minnesota Legislature. At that time, the village was only made up of a few hundred residents at best. It took until almost a century later to reach 1,000 residents. Just ten years after that, the population more than doubled. Today, Rockford, MN is a successful and wonderful community that offers great places to live.

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