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City of Robbinsdale: Trails & Parks

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Robbinsdale, Minnesota is home to 14 parks encompassing 110 acres of land. Considering the fact that the city is only 2.98 square miles overall, Robbinsdale’s generous allocation of parklands ensures outdoor amenities for all. Some of the most notable parks include:

Manor Park: A 3.8 acre park rich with amenities, Manor Park is a community favorite. The park features a picnic shelter, ball field, playground, tennis courts, a meeting room, and paved trails. In addition to the amenities listed, Manor Park is also home to the Robbinsdale splash pad. This interactive children’s play area features a number of water sprayers and geysers for cooling off or simply having fun.

Sanborn Park: Sanborn Park is an 8.8 acre park and contains the most amenities out of any park in Robbinsdale. While not the largest park, Sanborn Park includes 2 ball fields, a playground, 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, picnic tables, paths and trails, 6 horseshoe courts, and a concession stand. In the winter, a hockey rink and an ice rink open up, providing even more activity. With so much activity in one place, Sanborn Park is easily one of Robbinsdale’s most popular locales.

Lakeview Terrace Park: Lakeview Terrace Park encompasses 30 acres of parkland. It contains 3 ball fields, playground equipment, picnic tables, paths and trails, and a concession stand. As the second largest park in Robbinsdale, Lakeview Terrace Park is great for those seeking open space. In addition, it features the city’s only boat launch. Connected to Crystal Lake, Lakeview Terrace Park is a great destination for summer picnics, boating, or just a walk through the park.

Triangle Park: Triangle Park is the home of the Triangle Wading Pool. For those seeking a way to cool down during the hot summer months, Triangle Park is a great destination. In addition to the pool, Triangle Park is also home to a ballfield, playground, picnic areas, walking paths and trails, and a meeting room. Triangle Park is a great destination for people of all ages, and it makes a great summer getaway location.

Sochacki Park: The largest of Robbinsdale’s parks at 37.4 acres, Sochacki Park is perfect for passive outdoor recreation. While largely undeveloped, Sochacki Park features picnic tables, a picnic shelter, and numerous walking paths and trails. Visitors can enjoy the abundant wildlife, peaceful pond, and luscious plants around the park while enjoying a picnic or a summer stroll.

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