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City of Robbinsdale: A Brief History

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The city of Robbinsdale, Minnesota started out as just a small township called Crystal Bay. The first claim was filed by John C. Bohanon. This took place shortly after the Minnesota Territorial Legislative Assembly created Hennepin County in 1852. Known as Parker’s Station, a small community began to grow around Bohanon’s home. The township was forced to become incorporated into Crystal Village when the state’s government wanted to gain more taxable property in 1887.

In the next few years, Crystal Village was visited by Andrew B. Robbins. This talented man began to build and develop more homes in the small village, allowing it to grow. Robbins purchased 90 acres near the Lower Twin Lake. He platted much of the area as the Robbinsdale Park subdivision. Along with this residential development, the village experienced an industrial boom. Since the village was close to Minneapolis, an overflow of businesses flooded the land.

The town grew large enough to become a city in 1893, and they named it Robbinsdale, after the man who had so much influence on its residential development.

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