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City of Richfield: Parks and Trails

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The city of Richfield, Minnesota has 450 acres of parkland containing 23 parks. Amenities within the parks cover a wide range of passive and active activities. Residents of Richfield enjoy the peaceful, open spaces as well as the bustling, active amenities that many of the parks offer. Some of the most notable parks include:

Wood Lake Nature Center: The Wood Lake Nature Center is a 150-acre natural area intended for educational, observational, and recreational purposes. Featuring a main building with educational exhibits, wildlife viewing areas, a 100-seat amphitheater, a picnic area, and 3 miles of trails, the Wood Lake Nature Center is the perfect destination for passive outdoor recreation. Visitors can expect to see an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitats. During the winter, the trails are converted into cross-country skiing trails, offering active recreation for visitors.

Veterans Memorial Park: The largest park in Richfield at 108 acres, Veterans Memorial Park is home to some of Richfield’s most exciting amenities. In addition to offering 2 miles of trails, a playground, a picnic area, and a volleyball court, Veterans Memorial Park is home to Richfield’s Outdoor Pool, Art Center, Ice Arena and a mini golf course. While these all cost money, their convenient location on or near the park make them easily accessible in conjunction with the park’s amenities. Veterans Memorial Park is also home to many community events.

Augsburg Park: Augsburg Park is a 21 acre park offering several active amenities. Featured within the park are walking paths, tennis courts, playgrounds, and ice skating rinks in the winter. In addition, Augsburg Park is home to Richfield’s only skate park. Augsburg Park also offers visitors a picnic area, making it a great destination for an afternoon at the park.

Taft Park: Taft Park is a 42 acre park located on the far eastern side of Richfield. Featured within the park are picnic areas, a football/soccer field, numerous softball fields, a playground, 2 basketball courts, a hockey and an ice skating rink, trails, and a fishing pier. Because of the numerous athletic amenities on site, Taft Park is a popular location for community sporting leagues and events. Additionally, the trails, fishing pier, and picnic areas make Taft Park a great location for a relaxing afternoon. Taft Park is located on Taft Lake.

Donaldson Park: Donaldson Park is located near Richfield Middle School, and is a sporting center within the city of Richfield. Offered within the park are tennis courts, a football/soccer field, baseball fields, a playground, basketball courts, an ice and a hockey rink, and picnic areas. At 23.6 acres, the park also offers some walking trails around the facility.