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City of Richfield: A Brief History

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Richfield, Minnesota is the perfect example of a city that came a long way from being a rural area to a suburban city. Before there was any substantial residential development, the community of Richfield was an area that was completely dominated by farmland. In 1908, Richfield officially became an incorporated city. However, despite not being a city until that time, they had held town meetings for many years.

After World War II the city experienced a major population increase. Because this was a first-ring suburb, it became a popular area to settle once living in Minneapolis became too busy and crowded for some. From 1940 to 1960, Richfield’s population grew by more than 30,000. In 1970, the city’s population was at 50,000. However, after several geographic shifts, the population decreased back down to around 36,000.

Today, the city of Richfield has about the same population of 36,000 residents who live within the seven square miles of land. Because of its location, the city is mainly residential and commercial, and the neighboring cities of Minneapolis and Bloomington add to this development.

Even being while located in the middle of an urban area, and only ten minutes from downtown Minneapolis, the city of Richfield still contains a small town charm.