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City of Prior Lake: Parks & Trails

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The city of Prior Lake, Minnesota has an extensive parks and trails system. With 1,000 acres of parkland, 55 parks, and 80 miles of sidewalks and trails, residents within the city have an abundance of outdoor recreational options. Residents enjoy the numerous amenities that are found in the local parks. Some of the most notable parks include:

Lake Front Park: Lake Front Park is the most popular park in the city of Prior Lake. There is something to do year-round in this active place. In the winter, the large hill on the west end is a common area for sledding, and near the warming house are several public ice rinks that can be used by anyone. During warmer months, Lake Front is full of even more activity. This central park for the city is home to a pavilion that was designed to be the centerpiece of Lakefront Park. The pavilion is used year-round for public events and can host up to 150 people. The playground offers a wide range of activities including basketball, four square, swings, slides and jungle gyms. With its beach, waterfront access, walking trails, and baseball fields, Lake Front Park is the number one spot in the area to enjoy a summer day.

The Ponds Park: Prior Lake has been commonly referred to as “the baseball town” as it has a few parks that are solely dedicated to baseball. The Ponds Park has nine baseball fields that were built for younger leagues. On any given weekend this park is full of activity as it draws crowds of several hundred people to watch the local little league tournaments. Additionally, the park also offers a concessions stand, restrooms, a basketball court, a soccer field, a playground, a picnic area, a nature preserve, hiking trails, and the city’s only archery range.

Thomas Ryan Memorial Park: Another park offering great amenities, the Thomas Ryan Memorial Park hosts five baseball fields. This park is another popular destination for baseball tournaments, however, the fields were built for high school level players. Additionally, the park is home to 2 full-sized soccer fields, twelve practice-sized soccer fields, a basketball court, a concessions stand, restrooms, a picnic area, and a playground.

Cleary Lake Regional Park: One of the most popular parks in the southwest metro area, the Cleary Lake Regional Park is a 1,045 acre park owned and operated by the Three Rivers Park District. Located in the south-eastern corner of the city, the park is rich with amenities. Visitors can enjoy biking, boating, fishing, paddling, camping, geocaching, hiking, picnic areas, play areas, and swimming. In the winter time, activities include cross-country skiing, dog-sledding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. Additionally, the park is home to the Cleary Lake Golf Course, a 9-hole golf course with a driving range and footgolf course.

Spring Lake Regional Park: Spring Lake Regional Park is another park owned and operated by the Three Rivers Park District. At 373 acres, it offers a wildlife haven for visitors to explore. Situated on Spring Lake, the park is known for its diverse natural habitats. Visitors can expect to see an abundance of wildlife while biking, hiking, geocaching, or snowmobiling on the numerous trails running through the park.

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