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City of Plymouth: Schools & District 284

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Plymouth schools are located in school district 284, which is one one of the larger school districts in the area, serving over 10,000 students total. The district is known for providing quality education and a large percentage of students that attend college after they graduate. In a recent community survey, 93 percent of parents and community residents rated the quality of education provided by Wayzata Public Schools (District 284) as excellent or good. Learning and success in academics are placed at the center of what the school district values most. Even though the district is called Wayzata Public Schools, the only school is actually located within Wayzata’s city limits is Wayzata West Middle School, while the majority of the others are in Plymouth. The district hosts seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school.

One of the elementary schools in Plymouth’s school district is Sunset Hill Elementary. Sunset Hill is a school where students learn to be successful academically, physically and socially. Similarly to the district as a whole, the elementary school holds a high value in academic success. The school was ranked in the top 5% of all elementary schools in the state for the Multiple Measurements Rating, and in the top 10% in the metro area. The school’s students also rank in the 92nd percentile in the NWEA when it comes to student growth. This school also has a safe and healthy environment.

Providence Academy, one of the private schools in the area, is a Catholic, college-prep school where students are able to integrate their education and faith in order to achieve optimal success in their primary and secondary years.

The only public high school in the district is Wayzata High School. The high school received an A+ rating from, and continues provide excellent academic and athletic programs. Newsweek also ranked them in the top 1,000 high schools in the nation in the year 2012. The graduation rate is 99%, and about 90% of graduates plan on post-secondary education. The school offers a wide variety of sports programs. The two most notable sports are baseball and track and field, as they remain top contenders year after year.

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