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City of Osseo: A Brief History

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The City of Osseo, Minnesota is located in the northeastern part of Hennepin County. Initially, Osseo was under the government townships of Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove. In the Spring of 1875,  Osseo was incorporated as its own city.

“This is Paradise,” Pierre Bottineau exclaimed, he took a look at the beautiful prairie and woods before him. Pierre was a man that was traveling through the area from North Dakota, and he was one of the first people besides the Native Americans to visit the location.

After he had visited and made his reports of the land, a few settlers came to make residence within this beautiful place. They established their own small community that grew along with the Maple Grove community. Making use of the resources of the neighboring Maple Grove area, which mostly consisted of wood from the forests, the locals were able to make their own homes. Tensions were sometimes tight between the Indians and the settlers, but Pierre was always able to act as a peacemaker.

As more and more people, mostly French, Canadian, German, and Native American, settled here, more businesses were established and the community began to swell. One hot commodity were sheep, and the wool was used to make clothes and other necessities and sold in the local shops. Today, Osseo is mainly residential with a downtown area that offers several small businesses and shops.

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