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City of Oakdale: A Brief Overview

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The city of Oakdale, Minnesota is located east of St. Paul and on the western border of Washington County. A large suburb, Oakdale is the 32nd largest city in Minnesota based on population. It is home to over 28,000 residents and encompasses an area of over 11 square miles. With its large size and population comes a wealth of amenities.

The city of Oakdale features 28 parks throughout the city as well as over 600 business, over 30 restaurants and coffee shops, two movie theaters, and more. Residents experience true suburban comfort. Unlike many of the neighboring cities, Oakdale isn’t lacking in amenities. While the city features less open and undeveloped spaces, it more than makes up for it in offering greater activity and employment opportunities. The community is very active, with events going on periodically throughout the year. Residents enjoy a variety of holiday celebrations and a farmer’s market in the summer months.

Oakdale is 11 miles (14 minutes) away from St. Paul. There are several major routes through the city including State Highway 36 to the north, Interstate 94 to the south, and Interstate 694 through the middle of the city. Each of these roads helps to connect Oakdale to its surrounding neighbors as well as the heart of the Twin Cities. The amenities of the big city are just a short drive away. Should residents of Oakdale seek opportunities outside of what is available within their own city, the countless options of Minneapolis and St. Paul are just a few minutes away. For those seeking housing in a vibrant and active suburb, Oakdale is a top contender.

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