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City of Oak Park Heights: A Brief Overview

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The city of Oak Park Heights, Minnesota is located northeast of St. Paul and is situated on the eastern border of Washington County. A medium-sized suburb, the city encompasses an area of 3.03 square miles and is home to nearly 5,000 residents. Closely connected to its neighboring cities of Stillwater and Bayport, the city of Oak Park Heights shares a rich history with these two towns. A river town located along the St. Croix River, it is often confused with Stillwater due to the many businesses located within its borders. In fact, Stillwater Area High School is actually located within the city of Oak Park Heights, another factor that can add to the confusion. Residents  enjoy many amenities, both commercial and natural, that exist within the city.

Commercially, Oak Park Heights has a wide variety of restaurants, stores, and entertainment options. With national chains and retail stores as well as unique, local favorites, the city features plenty of variety. and is located close to the downtown of Stillwater, another historic area in the region. For natural amenities, the proximity to the St. Croix River as well as numerous parks throughout add great value to life within the city.

Oak Park Heights is about 21 miles (24 minutes) away from St. Paul. The most important routes within the city include State Highway 96 which connects Oak Park Heights to its neighbors, Stillwater and Bayport, as well as State Highway 36 which connects to Interstate 694. This interstate connects Oak Park Heights to the majority of the Twin Cities metro area. For residents desiring the amenities of the big city, a short, simple drive will provide thousands of options. In many ways, however, Oak Park Heights represents one of several wealthy communities located east of the Twin Cities that has a multitude of amenities. For those seeking a self-sufficient, amenity-rich community to call home, Oak Park Heights should be strongly considered.

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