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City of Norwood Young America: Community Life

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Norwood Young America is a small, rural community located southwest of the Twin Cities metro area. Encompassing an area of 2.52 square miles, Norwood Young America is home to around 3,600 residents. While the area is primarily rural in nature, it’s close proximity to the western suburbs allows for residents to enjoy the amenities of the bigger cities while maintaining a more peaceful, quiet lifestyle. Some of the most defining aspects of Norwood Young America’s community include it’s events, amenities, and location.

The most popular event in Norwood Young America is Stiftungsfest. Translated as “A Founder’s Day Celebration”, Stiftungsfest is the state of Minnesota’s oldest community celebration, having been founded in 1861. Taking place annually during the last weekend in August, Stiftungsfest is widely anticipated and features an arts and crafts market, car show, 5k fun run, softball and kickball tournaments, carnival, motorcycle run, prizes and more. In addition, a heavy emphasis is placed on music each year. The celebration started out as a musical event, and each year the theme is the same: getting friends and neighbors together to sing, dance, eat, drink and have a wonderful time. The weekend features live music throughout, with dancing and singing competitions taking place. Stiftungsfest truly embodies the history and community of Norwood Young America and is a yearly highlight for all who attend. Other popular events include Music in the Park, and the Lion’s Corn Feed located at Legion Park.

Norwood Young America offers a number of amenities for its residents. The Norwood Young America library is a member of the Carver County Library system. The Carver County Library system sponsors an interlibrary loan network that allows for books to be reserved and shipped to other locations free of charge. This convenient program allows residents of Norwood Young America to have access to all of the books and resources available in the entire Carver County Library system. Another amenity available for residents is community education. Provided by the Central school district, residents are able to explore a wide range of course offerings in a variety of interests to learn new skills and connect with the community. These convenient and affordable courses are a ton of fun and are available to all.

In addition to a wealth of amenities, Norwood Young America is home to the headquarters for Young America Corporation. A major rebate center and clearinghouse as well as a local employer, Young America Corporation is located internationally and plays a large role in the Norwood Young America community.

While Norwood Young America does not offer as many amenities as some of it’s bigger neighboring cities, it’s close location to them allows for residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. Norwood Young America residents can find a wealth of dining, shopping, entertainment, and employment options in the nearby suburbs of Waconia, Chanhassen, and Eden Prairie. Additionally, Norwood Young America is only 35 miles away from Minneapolis, meaning that residents are only a short drive away from the amenities of the big city. This great access allows for residents to live in a small-town community while simultaneously enjoying the bigger-cities’ benefits.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Norwood Young America, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.