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City of North St. Paul: Community Life

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North St. Paul is home to over 12,000 residents who make up the city’s thriving community. Located in Ramsey County, North St. Paul’s community is one of the oldest, with the city’s official establishment dating back to 1887. Even though the suburb is located right next to large, bustling City of St. Paul, the community maintains a small-town feel that is shaped around its history, events, amenities, businesses, and organizations.

Several community events occur within North St. Paul throughout the year. These events are designed to both preserve the city’s rich history and strengthen the community. One of the community’s favorite events is the History Cruze Car Show, which is held near the intersection of Margaret and 7th Avenue. Started in 1996, the show originally consisted of only 25 cars for the community to see and learn about. Since then, the event has grown with around 700 to 1,800 hundred cars each week. The cars are parked on a half-mile stretch on 7th Avenue for visitors to come see. The street is closed to traffic and residents can enjoy the fair-like atmosphere with music, food, and vendors.

Another event held during the summer is Silver Lake Splash. Residents are invited in July to Silver Lake Park for a day of fun on the beach of the lake. The family event features vendors, food, music, raffle, kid’s games, and swimming. In the fall, the community of North St. Paul enjoys the annual Fall Round Up Parade. The parade features bands, clowns, fire engines, and floats that make their way down 7th Avenue. Food vendors are lined up on the street for residents to find some dinner before sitting down to enjoy the parade.

The community of North St. Paul is also built around the numerous amenities that exist in the town. One of which is the city’s library. As a part of the Ramsey County Library system, the library provides residents with a wealth of information and resources. The cozy library is located within the B.E. Emerson Prep Academy, where visitors will find the newest books and a vast collection of CDs and DVDs. The library also offers children, teen, and adult programs for residents.

Perhaps the most used amenities within the city are the different parks, lakes, and trail systems. Silver Lake provides residents with numerous outdoor activities throughout the year including boating, ice fishing, kayaking, and swimming opportunities. Gateway State Trail, the pride of the Parks & Recreation Commission, provides the community with an extensive, multi-purpose trail that runs from St. to Pine Point Park. A variety of amenities such as golf courses, theatres, museums, and zoos can also be found in neighboring cities.

There are several organization that serve the North St. Paul community, including the North St. Paul Historical Society. The society’s mission is to promote an awareness of the city’s history for residents and visitors through education, presentation, preservation. The non-profit organization has a variety of artifacts and exhibits that show the community’s rich history. Another important non-profit organization is the North St. Paul Area Food Shelf, which helps provide for needy families in North St. Paul and Oakdale. Through food donations, those who experience hunger every day are provided with food.

North St. Paul’s community is built around its location. Located around just 8 miles from downtown St. Paul, commuters cherish their short driving time to the state capitol. A variety of amenities including shopping, entertainment, and dining also exist in St. Paul and surrounding cities. Residents can also explore the historic downtown area of North St. Paul, where numerous dining and shopping experiences can be found in the preserved brick buildings. Whether in the small town itself or in neighboring cities, an abundance of amenities can be found and ejoyed.