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City of New Prague: Community Life

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The city of New Prague is home to close to 8,000 residents. Located within Scott County, New Prague is a small city, with a close-knit community. Residents enjoy the ample outdoor space, small-town atmosphere, and variety of activities occurring within the city. It is through the location, events, and amenities, that New Prague’s community is most evidently seen.

Dožínky (doe-shink’-key) is New Prague’s largest community celebration each year. A Czech Harvest Festival patterned after the original celebration in the Czech Republic, Dožínky is held on the third Saturday of September each year in New Prague. At the event, Main Street is transformed into an open-air market. With vendors selling traditional Czech dishes, authentic Czech beer, and countless other items, residents can experience the city’s Czech heritage. Additionally, the festival features a parade, a classic car show, and a Czech village with dancers, entertainers, music, history, and more. A cornerstone component of the local community, Dožínky is cherished by the whole community. Another event that is enjoyed by residents is the Run New Prague Half Marathon. With several races of varying lengths available for public participation, the Run New Prague Half Marathon brings the community together and gives runners a great tour of the city.

There are several amenities that residents of New Prague can enjoy. One of the most utilized is the New Prague Golf Club. For those who enjoy golfing, the New Prague Golf Club is located near the center of the city and is open to the public. An 18-hole golf course with affordable rates, the New Prague Golf Club is ideal for all experience levels. A popular restaurant in the area is the Fishtale Bar and Grill. Known for their quality beer and fish entrees, the Fishtale Bar and Grill is a local favorite.

New Prague is also home to its own library. The New Prague Public Library is part of the Scott County Library system. As such, residents are able to enjoy all of the books and resources available within the county through an interlibrary loan program. New Prague has a very charming downtown area. Heavily inspired by its Czech roots, its visitors are greeted by a traditional Czech gateway and are able to shop at a number of Czech stores. Lau’s Czech Bakery is particularly popular.

New Prague’s location also plays a large role in the local community. As one of the southernmost cities in Scott County, part of the city actually lies in Le Sueur County as well. New Prague is 45 miles away from Minneapolis, meaning that residents are still able to visit the big city. While not necessarily within convenient driving distance to the big city, residents can still enjoy big city amenities in some of the larger, surrounding suburbs. Living in New Prague is a lifestyle choice. With a community that exists in a more rural area, and a small-town feel, residents choose to live in this city because it is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. For those desiring a peaceful haven away from the noise of the city, New Prague is a great destination to call home.

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