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City of New Prague: A Brief History

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Anton Philipp, a German man, was the first settler of what is now known as New Prague. In 1856 Philipp purchased 160 acres of the Helena Township, Scott County. Philipp did not make an official plat for the town but began selling lots that same year, marking the beginning of New Prague. Several other families came to the area shortly after Philipp arrived.

New Prague’s early development was nothing special for many reasons. The geography of the area proved to be the biggest challenge as it was located in the middle of the “Big Woods”. The enormous obstacle of clearing fields for farming proved to be too much for many.  

The town was known as Praha from 1872 to 1879. In 1877, the state of Minnesota allowed the incorporation of Praha as a village. However, in 1879 the name was changed to Prague due to the influence of the villages many Czech inhabitants.

In 1877 the Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway (M & St. L) reached Prague, and this provided to be the most integral part of the early development for the city. The arrival of the railroad to the town allowed exportation of agricultural goods which were Prague’s most important industry. Just four years after the M & St. Louis Railway reached Prague, the grain elevator was completed and Prague was nicknamed “the flour city.”

Czech immigration to the United States reached its high point in the 1880s when 62,000 came to the country. Prague was becoming the center of “The Bohemian Triangle” of Minnesota, as it was a popular location for Czech immigrants to settle. The village’s name was changed from Prague to New Prague in 1884.

The 1890s were undoubtedly New Prague’s heyday decade. Its agricultural industry was more prosperous than ever. New Prague was incorporated as a city in 1891. New Prague Flouring Milling Company completed its mill in 1895.

The 1880-90s was the time period with the most significant population growth. New Prague’s population tripled during that 20-year period going from 400 to 1,200. Today, the city still holds onto its agricultural roots, and its peaceful and thriving community is cherished by all.

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