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City of New Hope: A Brief Overview

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New Hope is a city that is in the western region of the Twin Cities are. It is part of the Hennepin County Area. This city once had a population of 24,000 in the late 1900’s. However, as a result of several boundary shifts, the population today is close to 21,000, and has a geographic area of 5-square miles.

The residents in New Hope can enjoy a city that has a small-town feel while still being very close to commercially developed area. Minneapolis is 15 minutes southeast of the city. The only major highway in New Hope is U.S. Highway 169. Although not technically in the city, the highway serves as the direct border that runs along the north and south ends. New Hope is the perfect place to live for those searching for a well developed and residential community that also provides a more private sanctuary away from city life. Please check out our supporting articles that provide more information about this amazing suburb.

If you have any questions regarding the city of New Hope, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.