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City Of New Hope: A Brief History

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New Hope, Minnesota was mainly an agricultural community in the early 1900’s. Most of the locals lived off of their grown goods and sold the rest to the nearby city of Minneapolis. The area was originally part of the crystal Lake Township, along with several other cities such as Crystal and Robbinsdale. Eventually, Minneapolis became too busy and loud for some, as they sought homes to the west. This included the residential settlement of New Hope, as the small town began to transform from farming to housing.

After feeling they were large enough, the city became incorporated in 1936. however, not all of its member were happy with this move by the community. Most of the farmers in the western half of the new city were not willing to pay the taxes that were involved with being incorporated. therefore, they separated themselves and formed their own township, which is modern day New Hope.

Even this community experienced its own argument. While they had the perks of not paying taxes, they were not receiving the benefits that being a city offered. The township struggled with this for years. By the 1950’s the city eventually made the decision it had avoided just 15 years previous. They stubborn farmers became a minority is the town was incorporated in 1953. After this year, the city became a hotspot for residential living. in just five years, the city had a population increase of almost 2,000. Just 15 years later, there were 24,000 residents in New Hope. Today, it is a bustling community with excellent residential living.

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