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City of New Germany: A Brief History

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New Germany, Minnesota is a small town in the western metro portion of the state. It has a wealth of history that it’s locals appreciate and enjoy. New Germany has gone through many name and boundary changes, which make its history difficult to understand and grasp. The Great Northern Railroad first entered the Carver County area in 1886, which brought development through the land. Unfortunately, because the town of New Germany was so small, the closest depot was more than a mile away from the town, which meant passengers or goods would have to be picked up or dropped off.

The first residential areas were developed when three local farmers sold their land to builders, resulting in the city’s growth. The village soon organized and the first store was built in 1887. The next step was to name the new town, and the popular choice was that of New Germany, due to the fact that most of the locals were of German descent. The town kept this name until World War I. Because of America’s conflict with Germany, the town decided to rename themselves to Motordale in 1917. However, once the war was over, they changed back to New Germany.

Over the years, several small settlements have merged with New Germany, causing the town to gain a larger population. However, the population never swelled to more than a few hundred residents. Today there are close to 400 residents, and this peace-loving town still flourishes today.

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