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City of New Brighton: Parks & Trails

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The city of New Brighton, Minnesota takes pride in its extensive network of parks and trails. Ranging from large regional parks to small neighborhood playgrounds, New Brighton offers something for everyone. With a wide array of amenities, residents enjoy year-round activity. Some of the most notable parks include:

Totem Pole Park: Totem Pole Park contains one of the four neighborhood centers within the city. This means that in addition to hosting recreational amenities, it also includes a rental facility that is ideal for family gatherings, graduation parties, bridal showers or business meetings. The facility is large enough to host 64 people, and can be reserved year-round. The park’s ballfields, tennis courts, basketball court, and playground also draw in visitors, specifically those seeking active entertainment. With so many great amenities, Totem Pole Park hosts lots of visitors each year, especially those located in the southern portion of the city.

Hansen Park: Hansen Park is located near the center of the city of New Brighton. Hosting a neighborhood center as well as plenty of amenities, Hansen Park is a very popular location within the city. Visitors seeking a more passive experience enjoy the picnic pavilion and lighted trails. For those seeking a more active experience, Hansen Park’s ballfields, playground equipment, tennis courts, pickleball court, and volleyball court are all great options. Additionally, Hansen Park is known for having the city’s only disc golf course, which is a huge hit among visitors of all ages.

Freedom Park: Freedom Park is located in the northern half of the city. The park is most well-known for its skate park and climbing wall. It is the only park in the city to feature these two amenities. Visitors also enjoy the picnic pavilion, lighted trails, ballfields, playground equipment, tennis and basketball courts, and the neighborhood center.

Eagles Nest Indoor Playground: The Eagles Nest Indoor Playground is one of the most treasured children’s play locations within the city. While not free, the playground offers a very unique play space and is conveniently attached to the community center. Kids will enjoy exploring a ball pit, climbing wall, slides, a foam forest, and more. Additionally, parents will love the hours of entertainment the park provides as well as the birthday party options that it offers. A great destination for year-round play, the Eagles Nest Indoor Playground is sure to be a family favorite.

Long Lake Regional Park: One of the largest parks in New Brighton is Long Lake Regional Park. While not owned or operated by the city, Long Lake Regional Park is managed by Ramsey County and is located on the largest lake in the city, Long Lake. Visitors love the access to the lake and the opportunities that this access provides. During the warmer months, the lake is enjoyed by boaters, swimmers, and fishermen. The beachfront is guarded, making it a safe location for families of all ages. Additionally, the park’s boat launch allows for water sports as well as simple joyrides. During the winter, ice skating and ice fishing are popular activities. The park also features two playgrounds, two volleyball courts, a ball field, paved trails, a fishing pier, and a concessions stand.

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