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City of Mound MN: Parks, Trails, Beaches

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Situated on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka, Mound, Minnesota is a lakeshore town with wonderful parks and natural scenery. The citizens of Mound have access to a total of 31 parks and 6 beaches located in and around the city. Lake Minnetonka is not the only lake near Mound. While certainly the largest, it encompasses many smaller lakes such as Black Lake, Dutch Lake, Lake Langdon, Saunders Lake, and Seton Lake. The citizens of Mound make use of these lakes with over 1000 docks spread out across the various bodies of water. The lakes geographically define the town’s areas, such as Three Points, The Island, The Highlands, Grandview Boulevard and Shirley Hills. Some of the most notable parks, beaches, and trails near these areas include:


Centerview Beach: Featuring a swimming beach, fishing pier, and a picnic area, the Centerview Beach is an ideal location for a sunny, summer afternoon. Whether it be a family picnic, a father-son fishing trip, or an afternoon swim, this beach offers the perfect amenities for summer fun.

Zero-Gravity Skatepark: A state-of-the-art skatepark located next to two baseball fields, this skatepark is free to use and is sure to offer entertainment for any extreme sports enthusiasts. The park is free to the public, and it has restrooms attached. A Super America gas station adjacent to the park is the perfect place to buy refreshments.

Three Points Park: Three Points Park features a playground, baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, and a picnic area. Located in the Three Points Area near Harrison Bay, this park offers everything needed for a perfect family afternoon.

Surfside Park and Beach: Described as Mound’s most celebrated park, the Surfside Park and Beach offers an open play area, picnic facilities, a park pavilion, a sand beach, and boat access into the beautiful Lake Minnetonka. This park draws in large crowds every year, and is the site of many community events. Its prime location makes it a community favorite.

Dakota Rail Trail: The Dakota Rail Trail consists of 21.3 miles of hard surface biking and walking trails that stretch from the neighbouring city of Wayzata all the way to Mayer, Minnesota. Along the entire trail, bikers and walkers are treated to scenic panoramas of Lake Minnetonka.