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City of Mound MN: Community Life

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The community in Mound, Minnesota is closely tied to the lake on which it resides and the neighboring cities surrounding it. With it’s small population size of just over 9,000 citizens and small geographic area of 3.18 square miles, Mound avoids the noise of the bigger cities while enjoying the peace and quiet of its scenic location. Despite it’s smaller size, Mound still enjoys the perks of the neighboring suburban cities and is a mere 20 miles from Minneapolis.

Being a lakeshore city on the shores of the magnificent Lake Minnetonka, Mound benefits greatly from it’s incredible access to the water. With over 1000 docks on the various bodies of water within the city, residents of Mound enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and watersports. The quiet, close-knit community lends itself well to events year round. During the spring and summer months, citizens of Mound can be found biking around the lakeshore, swimming at the beach and getting involved with community events. This season is when the lake is at its most beautiful, and so the community as a whole tends to congregate near the water at these times.

Some of the most popular events during the summer months include the Mound Fire Department’s annual “Fish Fry and Dance” in June, the Spirit of the Lakes Festival and MN Wake Surf Competition in July, Westonka Dog Days in August, and farmer’s markets running from May-October. During the fall and winter months, while swimming may be out of the question, citizens of Mound still come together for community events. These include events such as the Running of the Bays 5k and half-marathon as well as the Taste of Tonka event in September, the Tonka Brewfest in November, and a tree-lighting ceremony each holiday season.

The city of Mound’s convenient location allows its residents to have access to great resources both in and around the city. It is only a short drive away from top-notch restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, libraries and churches in the surrounding area. It’s close proximity to larger, neighboring cities such as Victoria, Minnetrista, and Long Lake allow for residents to still experience suburban comforts while living in a peaceful, quieter city. Located approximately 20 miles west of Minneapolis, the residents of Mound are close enough to the city to experience its sporting teams and entertainment venues.