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City of Medina: Parks & Trails

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The city of Medina, Minnesota is a small city with a large number of parks, open spaces, and natural preserves for its residents to explore. It is home to a number of lakes and protected open areas, giving residents natural spaces full of beauty. Some of the most notable parks include:

Hamel Legion Park: The largest of Medina’s parks, Hamel Legion Park encompasses an area of 40 acres. The park is rich with amenities, offering visitors no shortage of outdoor recreation options. Amenities include basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, softball and baseball fields, Little League and open play fields, playground equipment, paved trails, a skating rink and warming house, a sledding hill, a fire pit, and a picnic shelter area. Located on the east boundary of the city, Hamel Legion Park is one of the busiest and most popular parks in the area and is perfect for families of all ages.

Holy Name Park: Holy Name Park is a small, 2-acre park. Despite its small size, the park serves an important role as the access point onto Holy Name Lake. Holy Name Park includes great fishing on the lake, a natural area, a rain garden, paved walking trails, and a picnic area. Located on a major county road, the park makes a perfect wayside rest, picnic location, or fishing destination.

Medina Lake Preserve: The Medina Lake Preserve is a large, 70-acre preserve located on Lake Medina. The preserve is perfect for visitors desiring passive outdoor recreation. It features three main habitats including wetlands, woods, and prairie. Walking paths are set up around the woods for visitors to enjoy the varying habitats as well as abundant wildlife. Walking bridges exist over the wetlands. The Medina Lake Preserve is home to many species of birds as well as larger wildlife. It is a great destination for wildlife lovers of all ages.

Lakeshore Park: Lakeshore Park is one of the tiniest parks in Medina, at less than one acre in size. What it lacks in size, however, it makes up for in importance. Lakeshore Park serves as a boat access point for Independence Lake. It also includes a picnic shelter, playground, and fishing pier. Lakeshore Park is a great location for enjoying a picnic before or after boating, and enjoying the beauty of the lake.

Wolsfeld Woods Scientific and Natural Area: Run by the Department of Natural Resources, Medina has a notable Scientific and Natural Area near its southern border. Because of the extensive forestry that has taken place in Minnesota over the past 200 years, 99.9% of the old growth forests have been cut down. The Wolsfeld Woods house some of the oldest forests remaining in Minnesota. With tree species including red oak, butternut, maple, elm, basswood, and ironwood, these old-growth forests are a natural wonder and truly majestic. The Wolsfeld Woods encompass a vast 220 acres of preserved forest lands. Trails exist on site which allow for visitors to enjoy the ancient trees and beautiful forest life.

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