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City of Medina: Community Life

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The city of Medina, Minnesota has a population of a little over 5,000 residents, and encompasses a land area of 27 square miles. With its wide open spaces and close-knit community, Medina sets itself apart from its neighbors by providing ample living space while maintaining a small-town feel. Located west of Minneapolis and north of the Lake Minnetonka area, Medina’s community is defined by its neighborhoods as well as it’s location and amenities.

The most well-known neighborhood in Medina is the Hamel neighborhood. Hamel has its own zip code and acts as the center for community within the city of Medina. Located within Hamel are the Hamel Community Building and Uptown Hamel. The Hamel Community Building is a rentable meeting space located near the Hamel Legion Park. It offers seating for 120 guests and features a kitchen as well as beautiful views of the nearby park. Uptown Hamel is the primary shopping area for Medina residents. A combination of retail, specialty, office, residential, and gathering spaces, Uptown Hamel is a key component of Medina’s community. Hamel is also home to it’s own baseball program for kids aged 4-16.

The Medina Entertainment Center is one of the most popular community destinations. It features bowling, concerts, wedding spaces, an inn, a restaurant, and more. Community members as well as tourists enjoy the wide variety of activities and amenities available at the Medina Entertainment Center.

There are a number of events that take place throughout the year in Medina. One such event is the Bike Rodeo event. Intended as an interactive, educational event, the Bike Rodeo features bike safety checks, skill assessments, and plenty of prizes. It is put on by the local law enforcement offices. Another popular event is the Hamel Flea Market put on by the Hamel Lions Club. As one of the biggest flea markets in the metro, the Hamel Flea Market is a huge hit among residents and visitors alike. Medina also features events for kids and during the holidays.

While it does not have its own library, Medina belongs to the Hennepin County Library system. A library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide, residents have access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network through an interlibrary loan program. The city residents can easily find books in the neighboring cities of Plymouth and Wayzata. Additionally, any amenities that Medina does not offer within the city can be found in the surrounding, larger cities, making it an ideal location to enjoy the benefits of both small-town and big-city lifestyles.

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