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City of Medicine Lake: Parks & Trails

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Medicine Lake, Minnesota is a very small city located just west of Minneapolis. Because it’s land area is only 0.2 square miles, there are not any parks located directly within the city limits. Medicine Lake, is located on the lake of the same name. Not only do residents enjoy access to the lake, Medicine Lake, but they also are able to enjoy parks within the surrounding area. Some of the most notable include:


Medicine Lake: Medicine Lake covers an area of 936 acres and averages a shallow 16 feet in depth. The deepest point in the lake is 46 feet. As the second largest lake in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Medicine Lake is a popular swimming and fishing area. The fish that can be found in the lake include bluegill, bowfin, bullhead, common carp, crappie, goldeye, sunfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye, white sucker, yellow perch. The city of Medicine Lake was named after the lake itself and is found on a peninsula on the southern portion of the lake.

Clifton E. French Regional Park: The French Regional Park is located along the northern shore of Medicine Lake lake in the city of Plymouth. Offering numerous amenities, its convenient location on Medicine Lake makes it easily accessible for residents of the city of Medicine Lake. Activities include biking, boating, paddling, cross-country skiing, dog trails, fishing, geocaching, hiking, picnic area, a creative playground, sledding, snowshoeing, and swimming. With so many outdoor recreational options available, French Regional Park is a popular choice for many in the area.

General Mills Nature Preserve: Created in partnership with the General Mills Corporation, the General Mills Nature Preserve is a wonderful preservation located in the neighboring city of Golden Valley. The preserve contains three distinct habitats including shallow marsh, wet meadow, and floodplain forest. A half-mile trail winds through these habitats, allowing visitors to appreciate the over 50 different native plants and the natural beauty. The preserve was established in the early 2000’s thanks to a generous donation from General Mills. The General Mills Nature Preserve’s large size of 27-acres is very rare for a full-developed suburb like Golden Valley, and it adds a lot of value to the surrounding area.

Luce Line Trail: What was once a railroad line that transported people to downtown Minneapolis on electrically-propelled trains has been converted into 63 miles of trails developed for biking and mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. With trails running from Plymouth in the western suburbs to Cosmos in west-central Minnesota, the Luce Line Trail is a fabulous way to be active and explore nature. The Luce Line Trail runs through the lower section of the city of Medicine Lake and connects to the Medicine Lake Regional Trail.


Medicine Lake Regional Trail: The Medicine Lake Regional Trail starts at Medicine Lake and winds around the lake and upwards towards Osseo. A 15.64 mile long, paved trail, the Medicine Lake Regional Trail is great for bikers, hikers, and walkers. Not only does this trail connect the city of Medicine Lake to some of its larger, suburban neighbors, but the trail offers scenic views of the lake as well as a number of other parks along the way.

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