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City of Medicine Lake: Community Life

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Medicine Lake, Minnesota is tiny city located amid many large, western suburbs of Minneapolis. With only close to 400 residents and encompassing an area of a mere 0.33 square miles, Medicine Lake has a small, close-knit community. Because the city is on a peninsula jutting out into Medicine Lake, it is completely surrounded by the much larger, suburban city of Plymouth. This integration enables residents of the city of Medicine Lake to enjoy a peaceful haven situated among all of the amenities of the larger, neighboring cities.

Location is everything when looking at the community within the city of Medicine Lake. Because Medicine Lake is almost entirely residential, residents go to the neighboring cities of Plymouth, Golden Valley, and St. Louis Park for dining, shopping, parks, and community events.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Plymouth provides many different kinds of fun and exciting community events for the area. Some of these events include the Fire & Festival, where locals can get together during the cold winter season and play games and enjoy fellowship in Parkers Lake Park. Others include Plymouth on Parade, where the city enjoys a parade through its own city center, Plymouth Arts Fair, and Halloween Creek. Some of the early summer events are Plant+Play, a youth gardening program that allows children the ability to learn how to grown their own fruits and vegetables. There are also recreational activities offered to senior citizens and people that have different disabilities. Residents of Medicine Lake can easily participate in these events.

There are also a number of events that occur in the city of Golden Valley. Some of the most popular include the Run the Valley 5k, Bike Rodeo, Concerts in the Park, and the annual Golden Valley Arts and Music Festival. The Run the Valley 5k is an annual 5k race that raises support for local charities. In addition to being a fun event for the whole family, the race encourages community involvement through charity work. The Bike Rodeo event is put on for children. Intended as an interactive, educational event, the Bike Rodeo features bike safety checks, skill assessments, and plenty of prizes. Concerts in the Park take place throughout the summer and are put on by the Golden Valley Parks and Recreation department. They are a popular, free event and engage the community through musical performances. Another musically engaging event is the annual Golden Valley Arts and Music Festival. A local favorite, the event showcases artisanal food and drink, live music, local artists, games for kids, local community organizations, and a classic car show.

Additionally, Golden Valley is the home to several large businesses. The corporate headquarters of General Mills and Pentair are located within the city of Golden Valley. Additionally, other major employers include Honeywell and Allianz Life. Minneapolis is also just 10 miles east of Medicine Lake and provides additional employment and entertainment options.

Residents of Medicine Lake choose to live in their city because they can enjoy all of the amenities of the surrounding area, while living on a beautiful, scenic peninsula. It is this unique blend of scenic beauty and suburban comfort that makes living in Medicine Lake so great.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Medicine Lake, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.