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City of Mayer: Schools and District 111

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The schools in Mayer, Minnesota are located in the WatertownMayer Public Schools District, or school district 111. This district enrolls about 1,500 students each year. The district as a whole was ranked in the top fifty of all of Minnesota’s 415 school districts by The district’s mission is to create an environment where each student feels connected and experiences multiple educational opportunities that will encourage and facilitate a lifelong desire to learn. Parents and other community members are encouraged to be actively involved with the schools by volunteering, giving input for decisions, and serving on committees. There are four public schools within the districts limits, which are a primary school, elementary school, middle school, and high school.

The local primary school serves students that are in preschool and kindergarten. This school facilitates hands-on learning and fun activities for its students, as the excellent staff prepares the children for learning.

WatertownMayer Elementary School is a Reward School. This means that the school is in the top 15 percent of Title I schools based on the state of Minnesota’s Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR). The elementary school is among the highest-performing schools in four domains in the MMR. Schools on this list have demonstrated exceptional student outcomes and success in closing achievement gaps. Reward schools are recognized annually. This award is largely due to the fact the staff work tirelessly not only to provide a quality education for the students but also being able to instill quality character as well.

The main private school in the area is Christ Community Lutheran School. This school seeks to provide faith-based learning for its students. Families seeking a Christian education find that this school fits their needs. The school enrolls children from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade.

WatertownMayer High School understands the importance of doing well before post-secondary education. The school has a strong educational program that includes rigorous college-prep courses and comprehensive vocational course offerings. The graduation rate is typically above 97 percent, which is much higher than the national average. Although the school is happy with its academic services, they are also proud of the community they have been able to facilitate over the years. The high school is also proud that over 85% of its students participate in some sort of extracurricular activity, whether it be sports, arts, student government, or other clubs offered.

As you can see, the WatertownMayer Public School District has many school options that make it easier for local families to be assured that their children are receiving a great education.

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