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City of Mayer: Brief History

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In 1851, the area of Carver County was opened up to settlers through the Mendota Treaty. The rivers and lake provided the best places for locals to live, as they served as arteries that allowed access to other towns. Mayer was one of the later towns to be developed.

Originally, the entire area was mostly wooded. However, early settlers cleared out much of the surrounding forest area in order to gain access to the rich soil for farming purposes. After being more agriculturally developed, several more families moved to the town in order to make a living. Another important contributor to the growth of Mayer was the Crow River. This river ran along the upper west portion of the town. Since Mayer did not have any nearby lakes, the river provided water for their farms, fishing, and even recreation. The Crow River also connected this community with the city of Watertown to the north, and the cities have had a close relationship for years.

A station of the Great Northern Railway was in section 1 of the Camden Township. This was the section that comprised what is known today as Mayer. As the railroads brought in an influx of settlers and commerce, the area saw greater development. This increase in population led to individual townships, and later cities, being formed. The Camden Township, or modern-day Mayer, had been developed residentially. There was even a post office built in 1888. The community had several sawmills and flour mills, a sorghum mill, and a creamery. This extensive development led to its formation as a city. On August 28, 1900, Mayer became officially incorporated as a city.

Mayer, Minnesota is a city presently located between Camden and Waconia. The city was named by the owners of the Great Northern Railway. As one of the smaller, western cities, it shares a special history with its neighboring cities. The residents have a special appreciation for the rivers and railroads that made Mayer what it is today.

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