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City of Maplewood: Schools & District 622

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North St. Paul-Maplewood School District (622) is “A community collaborative dedicated to educating and empowering all learners to excel in our changing world.” With this mission at its heart, the schools in Maplewood offer quality educational opportunities for the younger generation of residents in the area. Covering an area of 42-square miles, the district contains all, or small sections of, seven cities within the Twin Cities northern metropolitan area. These include: North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale, Lake Elmo, Landfall, Pine Springs, and Woodbury. By covering such a wide range of cities, the district aids more than 74,000 residents, and the district services nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. From highly qualified early-childhood teachers for the youngest children to nationally recognized programs at the high school level, District 622 is continually determined to be the best.

Webster Elementary, one of the many elementary schools in the district, is a school that is devoted to cultivating and investing in all students in order for them to shine in the rapidly changing world. They administer a demanding social and academic program, and also foster a meaningful environment for both faculty and students alike. The majority of the teachers are qualified in Responsive Classroom, a research based method of teaching that adopts academic growth by meeting the students’ needs to feel significant, to know they belong, and to have fun. Students stay with their teachers for at least two years, allowing for the trust and cooperation between the two. The teachers are lifelong learners that are devoted to staying current with best teaching practices. Nearly 70% of the teachers possess a Master’s Degree. Every student is the concern of each staff member at Webster, as the school is always prepared for the next wave of learners, including your child.

John Glenn Middle School in Maplewood, Minnesota enrolls about 780 students in grades 6-7-8. John Glenn is one of three middle schools in the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District. John Glenn Middle School started in the fall of 1962 and has the distinction of being the first school in the country named after astronaut John Glenn. Over the years, John Glenn Middle School has experienced many renovations and remodeling projects. In 2012, they celebrated their 50th year. This school focuses in on each grade, and does well to prepare each student for high school.

Tartan Senior High School is one of the two high schools in the district, and is located in the nearby city of Oakdale. Since its establishment in 1971, Tartan has grown to enroll more than 1,700 students. Tartan functions on a typical six-period, three-trimester program, allowing students to take the normal amount of work that most other high schools offer. Students are aided in numerous ways, including Link Crew, which helps 9th graders make an easier adjustment into high school life.  Another school-wide program, called The Titan Way, elicits pride, goals, and determination in each student. College credit is provided for either full or part-time students under the Minnesota Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. Additionally, AP Courses are offered. Tartan High School also allows students the opportunity to be included in ways that stretch outside the classroom. Tartan contains around 32 co-curricular activities and 29 athletic programs.  

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