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City of Maplewood: Community Life

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Maplewood, Minnesota is a fully developed suburban city east of St. Paul. Between its many amenities, social gatherings, and historical facilities, Maplewood has something to offer people of all ages. Being a smaller suburb housing 35,000 people, Maplewood has a suburban feel, while offering many big city urban amenities and benefits.

A main attraction to all residents of Maplewood is the Maplewood Community Center. This is more than your average community center. The Maplewood Community Center offers many top-notch amenities and facilities. Whether you need a 4,000 sq. ft. fitness center, a 480 ft. walking/jogging track, or a full indoor basketball gymnasium, the Maplewood Community Center has all your fitness needs. The Maplewood Community Center’s child care center provide childcare for children while their parents are working out or using the community center’s other top-notch facilities.  In addition to housing great personal fitness services, the Maplewood Community Center also provides a 5,000 sq. ft. banquet room which has a full sized catering kitchen, and a 1,000 sq. ft dance floor. Whether you are looking to host a wedding, a corporate meeting, or any other large gathering, the Maplewood Community Center can provide a facility to cater to your needs. The community center’s Motion Zone, a 1,300 sq. ft. versatile room, can be used to host birthday parties, boy/girl scout troop outings, or group meetings. The uniqueness of the Maplewood Community Center is unmatched and it is a great place to meet new people, gather for events, and take time to focus on your health needs.

Being the historic city that Maplewood is, it makes sense that Maplewood is home to some great historical sites. One of these sites is the Keller Golf Course. Having been built in 1929, Keller Golf Course has an incredible 85+ year history. Not only is Keller Golf Course a classic-style, championship-quality course, it has also been host to several PGA and LPGA tournaments.  Having recently undergone renovations in 2014, the new Keller Golf Course clubhouse was distinguished by Golf Magazine as, “the best U.S. municipal renovation of 2014”.

Being only 10 miles away from St. Paul, Maplewood has a unique feature that distinguishes itself from other suburbs of the Twin Cities. Maplewood is home to the Maplewood Nature Center, a feature that is uncharacteristic of its neighboring cities. The center features 1.5 miles of hiking trails, both indoor and outdoor interactive exhibits, picnic areas and playgrounds, as well as garden demonstrations. Of the 1.5 miles of hiking trails, visitors can explore both woods and wetlands. In addition to having great outdoor amenities during the summer, when winter comes around, visitors break out their snowshoes and traverse the many trails. The Nature Center is also conveniently open 30 minutes  before sunrise and after sunset 365 days a year, making it a great year-round location. So whether you are bringing the whole family for a daytime picnic, attending a community event, or simply enjoying the center on your own, the Maplewood Nature Center has something for everyone, everyday of the year.

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