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City of Loretto: Parks & Trails

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The city of Loretto, Minnesota is a small city located northwest of Minneapolis. While it only encompasses a land area of 0.29 square miles, Loretto still has a number of parks and open spaces for its residents to explore. There are four parks located within the city itse
lf, but Loretto is also close to two major, regional parks. The parks include:

The Loretto Ballfields: The Loretto Ballfields are Loretto’s central hub for baseball and softball events. It includes one baseball field, three softball fields, a concessions stand, restrooms, and a playground. The ballfields make apopular summer destination, as residents can enjoy the numerous community games that take place.

Lions Park: Lions Park is Loretto’s main park. In the summer it offers a playground and a picnic shelter, making it an ideal summer picnic destination. In the winter, an ice rink opens up, making Lions Park a truly year-round amenity. The Loretto Lions Club established the park, and it has been a community staple ever since.

Playground Parks: Loretto’s other two parks are playground parks located within specific neighborhood developments. One park is available in the Highlands Area off of Summit Avenue and Edgewood Drive, and the other is in the Ponds development on Pond View Drive. While both of these parks are small, neighborhood parks, they are still open to the public.

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve: While not located in the city of Loretto, the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is located in the neighboring city of Rockford. The Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. As a part of the Three Rivers Park District, the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is one of the sites that was chosen for a trumpeter swan restoration program. In addition to admiring the beautiful trumpeter swans that make Lake Rebecca their home, visitors can enjoy a wealth of amenities. The Lake Rebecca Park Reserve includes biking, boating, dog trails, fishing, geocaching, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, a playground, a picnic area, and swimming areas. Just a short drive away, the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is the perfect choice for all ages.

Baker Park Reserve: The Baker Park reserve is located just south of Independence in the city of Maple Plain. It is located directly on Lake Independence, and offers 2,700 acres of year-round recreation. Activities available within the park are biking, boating, camping, paddling, cross-country skiing, dog trails, dog sledding, fishing, geocaching, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and swimming. In addition to the activities listed, visitors can also enjoy a picnic at one of the picnic shelters, make use of the playground, or take one of many classes that occur throughout the year. The Baker Park Reserve is a massive park, rich with amenities, that is conveniently located adjacent to the city of Loretto.