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City of Long Lake: A Brief History

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Long Long, Minnesota was first inhabited by settlers in 1855. The group that settled the area were of Nova Scotian descent, and decided to establish the small community near the large lake known today as Lake Minnetonka.

The early settlers had a unique relationship with the nearby Native american tribes of the Dakota and Chippewa indians. Many of the indians settled in an area known today as Teepee Hill. The settlers had good relations with both of the tribes, which was somewhat uncommon. However, the two tribes did not get along with each other. Although there was no fighting between the two tribes, which is speculated to be out of consideration for the friendly settlers, the Chippewa eventually left the area out of mistrust for the Dakota indians.

During the mid and late 1800’s, Long Lake began to develop into a town. Eventually, the main product that was produced in the town was strawberries and raspberries. It was such a popular place to order fruit from, it became known as the “berry town.”

Eventually, the city wanted to be on its own, and separated from the larger city of Orono in the early 1900’s. Today, the city is known for being a mid-sized, peaceful, and serene, residential city.