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City of Lauderdale: Community Life

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The city of Lauderdale, Minnesota is a close-knit and personal community. With nearly 2,500 residents living in 0.42 square miles of land, Lauderdale embraces its small-town culture. Despite its small size, Lauderdale features several unique businesses which contributes to the community.

Finn Sisu is one of Lauderdale’s most unique stores. A Finnish ski and sauna store, Finn Sisu has been expertly fitting, equipping, coaching, training, and sponsoring Nordic skiers and installing saunas in the state of Minnesota since 1978. Owned by a Finnish native, Finn Sisu has helped skiers of all ability levels, ranging from first time to Olympic-level skiers. They take pride in their heritage as well as in sponsoring local athletes.

Formosa High Mountain Tea is another unique business within Lauderdale. A master in tea brewing and importation, Formosa is known for their excellent, imported Taiwanese teas that are grown high up on mountains. The process by which the tea is grown gives it a distinctive freshness, elegant aroma, and a rich taste. Guests of Formosa can buy tea to go as well as a variety of tea accessories, or they can partake in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. These ceremonies are both a great social activity as well as an educational experience into the world of traditional Chinese tea arts.

Much of Minnesota’s growing coffee scene is supplied by the Mill City Roasters. A supplier of coffee roasters and green coffee beans, Mill City Roasters sells home, commercial, gas, and electric coffee roaster machines. For the coffee connoisseur looking to try their hand at roasting their own beans or businesses purchasing a roaster, Mill City Roasters has the expertise and equipment send any coffee endeavor off to a great start.

While the city of Lauderdale is small and does not have many community events throughout the year, it’s location near the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus adds a lot of depth to the community. Both the Les Bolstad Golf Course and the Midland Hills Country Club border the city, with the Minnesota State Fairground being a short drive away. Additionally, the rich community and amenities of Minneapolis are less than 10 minutes drive away.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Lauderdale, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.