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City of Lauderdale: A Brief History

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The city of Lauderdale, Minnesota shares much of its history with the surrounding area. A first ring suburb of Minneapolis, Lauderdale is a small community with a lot of heart. Originally founded as Rose Hill, Lauderdale belonged to a larger township known as the Rose Township. This settlement was named after a fur trader during that time period, Isaac Rose. The Rose Township covered a very large land area. Much of the suburban area outside of the present-day metro once belonged to the Rose Township. Cities such as Roseville, Falcon Heights, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Anthony village, like Lauderdale, once belonged to the Rose Township.

In 1949, Lauderdale was incorporated as its own city. The city takes it name from William Henry Lauderdale, a businessman who held prominence in the area and was the donor of much of the land for the Rose Hill Township. It was through his donations that the Rose Hill Township had land for both a school and a park.

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