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City of Lakeland Shores: A Brief Overview

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The city of Lakeland Shores, Minnesota is a tiny city located east of St. Paul and on the eastern border of Washington County. With an area of only 0.73 square miles, and a population of around 300, The city can be easily confused with or assimilated into its nearby neighboring cities of Lakeland, Afton, and Lake on St. Croix Beach. Like many of its neighbors, Lakeland Shores is a river city. Residents choose to live within the city in large part due to its proximity to the St. Croix River. With its historical significance, serene beauty, and boating access, the St. Croix River is an incredible amenity for residents. While almost entirely residential, Lakeland Shores does have several businesses throughout its borders, primarily along the St Croix Trail, the western border of the city.

Lakeland Shores is just under 21 miles (24 minutes) away from St. Paul. The main route near the city is Interstate 94 which connects to Wisconsin to the east and to the Twin cities metro to the west. For residents of Lakeland Shores that are desiring access to a greater number of amenities, the Twin Cities metro area is the answer. Featuring some of the best dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation that the state has to offer, the Twin Cities metro area is full of countless opportunities. Residents have access to this wealth of amenities while simultaneously enjoying a more peaceful, removed way of life within their city. For those seeking a river city that is detached from the main metro area, Lakeland Shores is a good option.

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