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City of Independence: Schools & District 277 & 278

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Depending on where you live within the city of Independence, Minnesota can be split up into four different school district. The most common two are the districts in Orono and Westonka.

Westonka public schools includes a preschool, two elementary schools, a middle, and high school. These schools are known for having small-school advantages, but big-school opportunities.

One of the two elementary schools, with no shortage of recognition and awards, is Shirley Hills, which prides itself on focusing on students academic, social, and emotional needs. Because they produced such a safe environment for children, they were given both the “Minnesota Promising Practice Character” award as well as the “Wellness By Design School” award in 2011.

With a focus on learning, technology, and parent involvement, Grandview Middle School is one of the best in the area. The average 7th grader in the school performs at a 10th grade level for the NWEA tests. The middle school also has a large focus on parent involvement, and they support the idea that each parent has a crucial role in the academic development of their children.

Mound Westonka high school serves many surrounding cities, and is located within the city of Minnetrista. A few of the educational opportunities at this high school are diverse academic programs, small class sizes of no more than 30 students, AP courses, and PSEO options. There are 30 different athletic programs offered by the school, as well as several arts and leadership programs. Mound Westonka High School ranked within the top 20 in the state according to the U.S. News & World Report, which is likely a result of how prepared each student is for post-secondary education. Much like the other schools in the area of Minnetrista, the local high school has the benefits of a small school atmosphere, as well as the same opportunities of other larger schools.

The city of Independence is also served by Orono schools, located in school district 278, are a collection of schools that the locals call, “small in size, but big in achievement”. The schools are of important value to the city and the residents of Orono support them each year. The city of Orono has 5 public schools in its district. These include the Orono Montessori School for early childhood education, an elementary school, an intermediate, a middle, and a high school.

The Orono Montessori School is a local school for early childhood education. The school specializes in providing the nationally-acclaimed methods that Montessori schools around the country use. These methods target a child’s specific critical learning periods.

The high school in Orono offers 26 different athletic programs, as well as other activities such as leadership clubs, and fine arts. Based off of overall athletic programs, the 2015 Niche rankings named Orono in the top ten in the state of MN.

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