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City of Hugo: A Brief History

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The earliest inhabitant of the city of Hugo were the Mdewakanton Dakota Indians. The Mdewakanton gathered wild rice near the city’s well-known Rice Lake. The area was also originally inhabited by French Canadians, who established trade in the area.

In later years, Hugo was picked as a refueling station for the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad. The St. Paul and Duluth Railroad, now called the Burlington Railroad, was later constructed through the heart of the township in 1868. Because of this, the community was originally named Centerville Station.

In 1906, 258 people lived in the township and decided to incorporate Centerville as the Village of Hugo. Over the next half a century, the Village of Hugo established itself as a small railroad and farming community. In the year 1972, the village was officially merged with the neighboring Township of Oneka and was platted as a city.

In May of 2008, an estimated EF3 tornado hit the city of Hugo. The tornado caused 25 million dollars of damage, destroyed around 50 homes, and resulted in one death. Since then, the city has rebuilt much of the damage and has experienced significant suburban growth and development.

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