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City of Hopkins: A Brief History

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In 1852, Hopkins, Minnesota was settled by its first European pioneers. However, the true beginning of Hopkins did not start until 35 years later when the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company was built and provided employment for almost all of the residents. Workers moved to the area just to find employment at this company, and the West Minneapolis Land Company moved to the town in order to build homes for all of the new residents.

By 1893, the town had just enough locals in order to petition becoming a village. The Hennepin County Board granted the petition that same year and the area was incorporated as the village of West Minneapolis. This village had a geographic area of 3-square miles, and during this time they had 1,105 residents.

In 1928, the name of the village was changed to Hopkins for Harley H. Hopkins, one of the first homesteaders and the community’s first postmaster. The first mayor was Harley Hopkins’ son, Chester L. Hopkins. The village was then officially incorporated as a city in 1947. The city also was known for being a big business area, as more and more people sought employment opportunities within Hopkins.

Today, Hopkins is 3 miles west of Minneapolis and has increased to about 4-square miles in size. It is surrounded by the cities of Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, and Edina. The city’s population was 17,591 people in the 2010 census.

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