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City of Hanover: Parks & Trails

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Despite its status as one of Minnesota’s smaller cities, Hanover provides a variety of outdoor recreational options uncharacteristic of other cities its size. The city of Hanover, Minnesota is home to 6 parks and several miles of trails. Additionally, it is home to a portion of one of the state’s large regional parks. Some of the most notable parks include:

Settler’s Park: Hanover’s largest community park at about 5 acres, Settler’s Park is a staple of the Hanover community. Amenities at the park include a sheltered picnic area with kitchen and restrooms, picnic tables, outdoor grills, t-ball field, baseball field, horseshoe pits, sand volleyball court, drinking fountain, bike rack, and playground equipment. With so many amenities, Settler’s Park makes a popular destination for watching a local ballgame or sharing a family picnic.

Eagle View Park: Eagle View Park is a peaceful, neighborhood park that is 3.68 acres in size. The park offers playground equipment, a gazebo, picnic tables, an outdoor grill, and a sledding hill in the wintertime. A perfect destination for young families, a family grill-out, or to go sledding, Eagle View Park is utilized year-round.

Pheasant Run Park: Another neighborhood park, Pheasant Run Park offers great amenities for children and young families. The park includes playground equipment, a basketball hoop, several outdoor grills, 2 gazebo shelters, picnic tables, a drinking fountain, horseshoe pits, and a bike rack. Perfect for entertaining a small to medium-sized group of family or friends, Pheasant Run Park is a good choice for all ages and interests.

Cardinal Circle Park: Cardinal Circle Park is a 5-acre neighborhood park. The park offers playground equipment, a softball field, soccer field, an open field, and a shelter. Considering the fact that it is one of the only parks in the city to provide softball and soccer facilities, Cardinal Circle Park is a popular location for community games and leagues.

Crow Hassan Park Reserve: The largest park in the nearby city of Rogers, and one of the largest in the region, the Crow Hassan Park Reserve is owned operated by the Three Rivers Park District. A massive, 2,227-acre park reserve located partially within the eastern border of Hanover, the Crow Hassan Park Reserve is located on the Crow River. What makes it so special is the habitat that it contains. The park reserve is home to a restored prairie. This prairie is a year-round attraction due to the wildlife that it draws as well as the colors that it displays throughout the year. Visitors can potentially see deer, fox, coyotes, Trumpeter Swans, hawks, or bald eagles. In addition to scenic beauty, the park reserve offers miles of trails for horseback riding, skiing, hiking, and geocaching.

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