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City of Hamburg: Brief History

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After the Mendota Treaty that allowed settlers to move into the Dakota Indian territory, European settlers flooded into the western area of Minnesota, with Hamburg among them. The area was made up of mostly German immigrants, as they began to make the location their new home. However, the city was pretty much non-existent until a railroad was built in the mid 1880’s that offered access to and from the town. After the railroad’s development, more people moved to the area and businesses sprang up in what is now the downtown part of Hamburg. In 1897, once the city reached the very minimum population of 150, it became officially incorporated. However, the first town meeting was not held until several years later.

Early businesses in the city were general stores, a blacksmith shop, hardware store and of course, the local parlor. Today, the city is a calm and peaceful residential area.

Over the years, Hamburg has become a place that offers small town amenities in the midst of bigger, neighboring suburbs.

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