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City of Ham Lake: A Brief History

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The earliest known settlers in the area around Ham Lake were a group of hunters in 1855. In 1856 a group started a village just southwest of Ham Lake. The group platted the land and sold lots for a town named Glen Carey, a Scottish name meaning beautiful valley. Glen Carey was advertised as eventually becoming a city but in 1857 a fire destroyed the village and the group in Glen Carey left the area.

In 1866, a man from Norway by the name of Mads Gilbertson settled in the area and was soon followed by more Scandinavians. In 1871, the name of the village was changed from Glen Carey to Ham Lake because the Scandinavian immigrants found it difficult to pronounce Glen Carey.

Settlers found that the land was good for farming and in 1880, 677 acres of land were under cultivation. In later years dairying and potato farming became important industries in Ham Lake. By 1894 the city had a population of 400 and was home to a creamery and several general stores. Ham Lake was officially incorporated as a city in 1974.

Today, the city has continued to thrive and experience growth. Since 1980, Ham Lake’s population has grown from 7,832 to 15,666 today. The city is home to over 5,000 houses and 4,200 families.

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