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City of Greenfield: Parks & Trails

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The city of Greenfield, Minnesota is a small, rural city located northwest of the Twin Cities metro area. With close to 3,000 residents, the city offers a very small-town feel.

When it comes to parks within the city, the city offers several large, regional parks for residents to explore. While there are not very many parks within the city limits, the city has a multitude of open spaces, giving residents ample room to explore the outdoors. The parks located in and near Greenfield include:

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve: While not located in the city of Greenfield, the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is located in the nearby city of Rockford. The Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. As a part of the Three Rivers Park District, the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is one of the sites that was chosen for a trumpeter swan restoration program. In addition to admiring the beautiful trumpeter swans that make Lake Rebecca their home, visitors can enjoy a wealth of amenities. The Lake Rebecca Park Reserve includes biking, boating, dog trails, fishing, geocaching, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, a playground, a picnic area, and swimming areas. Just a short drive away, the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is the perfect choice for all ages.

Lake Sarah Regional Park: The Lake Sarah Regional Park is located on Lake Sarah. Greenfield’s largest lake, Lake Sarah remains largely undeveloped, with some housing along its shoreline. A great fishing and boating destination, Lake Sarah is cherished by the community. Several community events take place here each year and help to unify the city.

Crow Hassan Park Reserve: The largest park in the nearby city of Rogers, and one of the largest in the region, the Crow Hassan Park Reserve is owned operated by the Three Rivers Park District. A massive, 2,227-acre park reserve located on the western border of Rogers, the Crow Hassan Park Reserve is located on the Crow River. What makes it so special is the habitat that it contains. The park reserve is home to a restored prairie. This prairie is a year-round attraction due to the wildlife that it draws as well as the colors that it displays throughout the year. Visitors can potentially see deer, fox, coyotes, Trumpeter Swans, hawks, or bald eagles. In addition to scenic beauty, the park reserve offers miles of trails for horseback riding, skiing, hiking, and geocaching. This park is just a short drive away for Greenfield’s residents.

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