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City of Greenfield: Community Life

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The city of Greenfield, Minnesota is located northwest of the Twin Cities metro area. A rural town of about 3,000 residents, Greenfield offers residents lots of open space and a small-town community. Residents enjoy the quiet atmosphere and peaceful community that the city provides.

While the community is not altogether very busy or active, there are several events that take place throughout the year. Lake Sarah Winterfest is one of the biggest events during the year. A celebration of life in the Lake Sarah community, Winterfest includes ice bowling, ice skating, snowmobile rides, food and a pond hockey tournament. Perhaps the biggest event each year is the Independence Day Boat Parade. Taking place on Lake Sarah, residents are encouraged to decorate their boats to match each year’s theme and prizes are awarded to the best in each category. Other events include summer picnics as well as fishing tournaments.

The biggest contributor to Greenfield’s community is its location. Residents choose to live within the city because it offers a peaceful and secluded way of life. Its rural atmosphere appeals to those who enjoy living in the country. At the same time, Greenfield is part of a larger community made up of the surrounding cities of Rockford, Corcoran, Independence, Loretto, and more. While all of these cities are relatively small and rural, they each offer unique parks and amenities for residents to enjoy. Additionally, Greenfield is about 30 miles away from the Twin Cities metro, meaning that residents can access the amenities of much larger cities by driving a short distance. Top-notch dining, shopping, parks, entertainment, and employment options are within driving distance and available for Greenfield’s residents. This balance of suburban luxury and rural comfort adds value to the lifestyle and community that Greenfield provides its residents.

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