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City of Golden Valley: A Brief History

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Golden Valley, Minnesota is a city that has significant history. Most of the area was originally inhabited by the Chippewa and Sioux tribes. They established most of their encampments by the nearby lake, Medicine Lake. However, the Mendota Treaty allowed most of the land in the area to be settled by Europeans. The Indians moved back further west to North and South Dakota.

In 1886, Golden Valley was large enough to be incorporated as a village. The main way of living at that time was agriculture, as the town provided farmed goods for the Twin Cities area. The population in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s consisted of only a few hundred residents, but this allowed there to be plenty of land to be cultivated and harvested. However, after the Electric Luce Line Railroad was built through the village in 1912, the town experienced far more residential development. In just thirty years, the town’s population increased by 1,500. Golden Valley finally became a city in 1972.

Today, Golden Valley is mainly residential with some commercial areas. It is a great place to raise a family as a suburb that is just west of Minneapolis.

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