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City of Gem Lake: Parks & Trails

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The city of Gem Lake, Minnesota is a tiny city located north of Maplewood and near the capital city of St. Paul. Encompassing an area of just 1.14 square miles, Gem Lake is a very tight-knit community. The city has one lake, of which it shares its name, Gem Lake, located within the middle of the city’s boundaries. Because of its small size, Gem Lake does not have any parks within its city limits. There are several nearby parks, however, which are listed below:

Keller Regional Park: Located south of Gem Lake in the city of Maplewood, Keller Regional Park contains about 750 acres of land, 9 miles of shoreline along Keller Lake, 2 golf courses (one of them being the popular Keller Golf Course that attracts over a half million visitors every year), and possesses a wide variety of activities and amenities for its park users. The City of Saint Paul and Ramsey County have been able to provide funding for changing demographics, outdated facilities, and increase natural resources. Some of the amenities include grills, shelters, trails, and the previously mentioned golf courses.

Berwood Park: Berwood Park is a 10 acre, neighborhood park located along Berwood Avenue in the neighboring city of Vadnais Heights. Visitors of the park enjoy its active amenities including a basketball hoop, two ball fields, soccer/football fields, and tennis courts. In addition to active options, Berwood Park offers visitors passive recreation options including picnic tables, trail connections, and lots of open space. A great location to play a game with the family or exercise the dog, Berwood Park is a great neighborhood park.

Kohler Meadows Park: Kohler Meadows Park is a 29 acre community park in Vadnais Heights that includes 3 acres of protected wetlands. Boasting several great amenities, visitors of the park enjoy both passive and active recreational options. For those seeking a peaceful visit to the park, Kohler Meadows Park includes picnic facilities with restrooms as well as walking trails around the park. Active amenities within the park include playgrounds, ball fields, a basketball hoop, soccer/football fields, and tennis courts.

Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park: Located north of Gem Lake, the most prized park within Vadnais Heights is the Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park. A massive regional park at over 1,200 acres, Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park encompasses three lakes and is operated by Ramsey County. Much of the area’s wetland preservations are located within the park. While the lakes within the park are not boat accessible, they provide an incredibly scenic backdrop to those walking on the trails or having a picnic. Additionally, the park is adjacent to Snail Lake which offers a swimming beach and boat access. Visitors of the park enjoy the passive recreation found in the park’s lush forests, natural wetlands, and ample wildlife.

Despite not having any parks of its own, Gem Lake is home to its own golf course. More information about Gem Lake Hills Golf Course can be found in the Gem Lake Community article.

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