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City of Fridley: Community Life

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With a population of over 27,000, Fridley, Minnesota is notorious for offering a small-town feel in a larger city. As it is directly north of Minneapolis, and northwest of St. Paul, Fridley also offers plenty of other options recreationally, in the entertainment realm, and work for the residents that live there. Because it is a safe, active, and welcoming community, the city of Fridley is the perfect place for families to find a stable community for their home.

This first ring suburb is home to some of the best public schools in the state. Also, the city contains beautiful and scenic parks. Both the schools and parks of Fridley are discussed in this city’s supporting articles.

As for the industrial side of Fridley, the city has a corridor of businesses that provide nearly as many jobs as there are residents. It is because of this that Fridley employs the most people in Anoka County. The city act as host to many large and small businesses including Medtronic, Cummins, and Unity Hospital, each of which can offer work for over 1,000 people. Fridley is dedicated to serving its residents, increasing and sustaining business, and continuing to have a safe environment. The Active Transportation Plan is in place and is a working process. The goal is to build a community that permits a substantial amount of available transportation including bike trails, commuter rail, buses and continuation of a modern highway system.

Another addition to the community in Fridley is the dining. For a city of its size, Fridley has many great options for eating. A good example of this is the Taste of Thailand. This Thai restaurant  offers a range of classic dishes, vegetarian options, and a weekday lunch buffet. Voted Best Egg Roll by City Pages in 2009, this restaurant is a must visit.

Recreationally, baseball is a large part of the community in Fridley. At Fridley Community Park, nearly 21-acres is dedicated to the sport. Its six fields have diamonds as well as space for football. The large park building and parking lots can contain large crowds on a busy tournament day. There are many activities that youth can be involved in, whether it be camps, sports, swimming lessons, or other fun activities for kids. There are also options for adults in both sporting teams as well as fitness classes.

Fridley is a great location for outdoor activities. The 127 acres found within the Springbrook Nature Preserve and Interpretive Center offer nature programs, scenic views and events during the whole year. Additionally, the large bikeway and walkway systems make it possible to appreciate the beauty of nature in Fridley.

Whether it is for the employment, the natural beauty, the family-friendly environment, or all of the above, the Fridley community is a wonderful place to call home.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Fridley, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.