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City of Falcon Heights: Community Life

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The city of Falcon Heights, Minnesota is a small city that plays a big role in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Home to just over 5,000 residents, Falcon Heights is known for the fact that ⅔ of its area is taken up by the University of Minnesota as well as the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. The remaining area is almost fully developed. As a result, Falcon Heights is home to a wealth of amenities for its residents to enjoy.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Falcon Heights is its status as the home of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Each year the Minnesota State Fair draws in over a million visitors, and is lovingly known as the “Great Minnesota Get-Together”. The largest state fair in the nation, according to average daily attendance, the Minnesota State Fair is no small feat. During the nearly two weeks that the fair is going on, citizens of Falcon Heights get to interact with people from all around the Midwest while showcasing their beautiful city.

After the fair is over, the fairgrounds do not sit vacant, rather the Minnesota State Fairgrounds play host to a plethora of local and regional gatherings. Some of these gatherings include horse shows in the Coliseum & Horse Barn, the Minnesota Horse Expo and the Minnesota Beef Expo, dog shows, antique & hot-rod car shows, motorcycle shows, model railroad shows, clothing & jewelry shows, gun & weapon collectors shows, comic book conventions, flea markets & swap meets, high school ice hockey games in the Coliseum, and much more. Falcon Heights greatly benefits from the exposure that the fairgrounds bring, and the city as a whole treasures the rich history that the fairgrounds share with the entire state of Minnesota.

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds are not the only landmarks found within Falcon Heights. The city is also home to the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul Campus. Located just 3 miles away from the main, Minneapolis campus, the St. Paul Campus is known for its quieter, more environmentally focused layout. The colleges of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resources Sciences, Biological Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and the college of Continuing Education are all located on the St. Paul campus. Despite being several miles away from the main campus, the University operates shuttles that allow for easy transportation of students between campuses. This campus also hosts the Les Bolstad Golf Course, the University of Minnesota’s own premier golf club. Used by the school’s golf and cross country teams for practice, the course is a well-renowned destination within Falcon Heights.

Residents and visitors of Falcon Heights enjoy visiting the Gibbs Farm. The Gibbs Farm, also known as the Gibbs Museum of Pioneer and Dakota Life, is a historic museum that portrays pioneer and Dakota life in the mid-1800s. Popular among schools and families alike, visitors get to learn from costumed interpreters about the Gibbs family and the history of the farm. A highly interactive and immersive experience, Gibbs Farm is a museum that all will enjoy.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Falcon Heights, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.