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City of Excelsior: Community Life

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Excelsior, Minnesota is a small, lakeshore city with a close-knit community revolving around Lake Minnetonka. While only encompassing a mere 0.69 square miles and having a population of just over 2,000 residents, this artsy city has a very strong sense of community. This is most evidently seen through its community amenities, events, and ideal location.

Residents of Excelsior would be quick to point to Lake Minnetonka as one of their primary reasons for choosing to be a part of the Excelsior community. Their ideal location on and connection to the lake is one of the most important facets that influence community development. The people of Excelsior have a love for the water, and the spring, summer, and fall months revolve around lakeshore activities. In addition to the benefits of lakeside life, residents have access to a wide variety of top-notch dining, shopping, and entertainment options in and around the surrounding area. Their proximity to Lake Minnetonka connects them with some of the larger, neighboring cities such as Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Wayzata, and Chanhassen. It is through these connections that residents of Excelsior gain additional amenities. They are able to easily enjoy the benefits of these larger suburban cities while maintaining their small-town lifestyles in Excelsior. The waters of Lake Minnetonka are the home to a multitude of sailboats and yacht clubs, and the shores host many businesses. By simply crossing the lake, residents of Excelsior can enjoy the lakeside amenities of many of their neighboring cities. Additionally, places of worship, movie theaters, shopping centers, and more are just a short drive away.

Other amenities include the Minnesota Streetcar Museum, Southshore Community Center, and a number of local charter boats. The Minnesota Streetcar Museum houses, services, and operates a fleet of 8 historic Minnesota street cars. As the historic authority on Minnesota’s electric railway, it also houses a collection of historical artifacts, photographs, and papers.

The Southshore Community Center, while not located in Excelsior, services the residents of Excelsior among other neighboring communities. It offers a wide variety of community events as well as community education classes. Excelsior is the home to a number of charter boats that offer public and private cruises in and around the waters of Lake Minnetonka. The most famous is the historic steamboat Minnehaha.

Perhaps the most engaging aspect of Excelsior’s community are the community events. With events taking place year-round, there is always something to get involved with. Some of the most popular summer events include farmer’s markets, the weekly Girls Night Out, the annual Art on the Lake exhibition, the celebrated Fourth of July Fireworks event on Lake Minnetonka, and the Crazy Days shopping event. The fall and winter bring their own fun events including the beloved Apple Day celebration featuring all things apple, winter farmer’s markets, and a holiday Christmas tree lighting. The most celebrated event of the winter, however is the annual Arctic Fever. This event is done in conjunction with neighboring cities on the frozen Lake Minnetonka and engages families of all ages in outdoor winter activities and races. With fat tire bike races, snowshoeing, ice skating, geocaching, sledding, snow sculpting, a chili cook off, and plenty more contests, this event is a ton of fun and always draws in big crowds.

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