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City of Dellwood: A Brief History

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People began to settle in the area of Dellwood and around White Bear Lake in the 1850s. The people who settled in the area were mainly from St. Paul and came to the area to live during the summer. The land around White Bear Lake was promoted James M. Goodhue, an editor of the Minnesota Pioneer. He described the area as a beautiful region, with rich land diversified with meadows, hills, valleys, oak openings, lakes, timber, and partial prairies. In 1870, when the Stillwater and St. Paul Railroad was built around the north side of White Bear lake, more people began settling in the area.

The Village of Dellwood was platted in 1882 and started out as a community of summer homes located near the Stillwater and White Bear Railroad line. The village covered 250 acres and large cottages were built for the wealthy businessmen of St. Paul. Dellwood was eventually incorporated as a city in 1992.

Today, Dellwood is a thriving community with both suburban and rural settings. About half of the city lives in a suburban setting, while the other half enjoys a rural lifestyle. Over the years Dellwood has experienced expansion, growing from a population of 80 in 1920 to over 1,000 residents today. The city is home to over 370 households and 320 families.

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