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City of Deephaven: Schools & District 276

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Deephaven is located in an area with several surrounding public and private schools. The main schools for local residents are Deephaven Elementary School, Minnetonka Middle School East, Minnetonka High School, and Deephaven Academy Private School.

Deephaven Elementary School is one of the most outstanding in the area. ranked this school better than 97% of all other elementary schools in Minnesota. They were even ranked number one in the state by k12-Niche in terms of academics and teachers. These rankings are largely due to the superb staff and faculty. The teachers have a main focus on a balanced education, technology integration, and producing a responsive and interactive classroom. They also recently built a large playground and outdoor classroom in order to allow the students to release the energy they have stored up throughout the day. Because of this school’s focus on providing the ideal environment for its students, they have remained in the top 20 “Reward” schools by the Minnesota Department of Education for four years in a row.

Deephaven Academy Private School enrolls children in kindergarten through 8th grade. The schools focuses on keeping class sizes smaller in order to give the students the feedback that they need for success. The private school also is known for heavily involving the parents in their children’s education experience, exercising the belief that each parent plays a key role in their students learning.

The main high school in the district, Minnetonka High School, enrolls over 3,000 students. Since 2011, each student has been provided with an IPad in order to in order to further their technology education. As a part of the Lake Athletic Conference, Minnetonka High School offers 19 sports programs. Their most notable programs are swimming and track & field. The track & field program has won state in recent years.

Through their focus on each student’s success, combined parent and faculty involvement, and technology integration, Deephaven has much to offer for the district’s younger generation.

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