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City of Deephaven: Community Life

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Living on the shores of Lake Minnetonka certainly has its perks. For the citizens of Deephaven, life in and around the lake is defined by natural beauty and outdoor activity. When examining the community of Deephaven, it becomes apparent how significantly the lake impacts the local community.


Lake Minnetonka is the most important facet of Deephaven’s community. In addition to connecting Deephaven with it’s surrounding neighbors, Lake Minnetonka offers the citizens of Deephaven a truly breathtaking and exhilarating community destination. One important community group is the Minnetonka Yacht Club located at Carson’s Bay Bridge Landing. The Minnetonka Yacht Club specializes in sailboat racing as well as providing a community for those who love the sport of sailing. Races take place all throughout the summer on Lake Minnetonka, and Yacht Club members are able to participate in a host of social events in addition to racing. Deephaven has 6 public beaches, which are popular community destinations. During the summer months, Lake Minnetonka comes alive with activity and Deephaven sees an influx of visitors who share an appreciation for Lake Minnetonka. One of the most treasured summer events, Deephaven Days, features a triathlon competition and a community picnic.

For those looking to get involved with community classes or fitness groups, the Southshore Community Center is the place to go. While not located directly within the city, the Southshore Community Center is in the neighboring city of Shorewood and is open to Deephaven’s residents. It offers a number of community classes ranging from yoga to woodworking and also provides fitness instruction.

Because of its convenient location near major southwest metro cities such as Wayzata, Minnetonka, and Excelsior, Deephaven is only a short drive away from top-notch restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, libraries, and churches. It’s close proximity to these cities gives it the ideal balance of natural beauty and suburban comfort. Additionally, the city is only 25 minutes away from Minneapolis, so the excitement of the big city is within close driving range for Deephaven’s residents.

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