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City of Deephaven: A Brief History

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Named for its harbor on Lake Minnetonka and located in the western region of Hennepin County, Deephaven is a suburb of Minnesota that provides rich historical value. Like much of the surrounding area, Deephaven was largely influenced by the nearby Lake Minnetonka. Originally kept secret by the Native Americans, who referred to it as “Big Waters”, Lake Minnetonka was first discovered by European settlers in 1820. Eventually, pioneers from the south began to visit the area around this glorious lake. It became a popular vacation spot, and was typically accessed by the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad. The lake became full of activity by way of steamboat tours, fishing, and sailing.

In 1900, there were only around 200 homes in Deephaven, whose inhabitants found employment mainly through tourist interaction. In the same time period of the early 1900’s, Deephaven became an incorporated village. However, two of the main tourist hotels were destroyed in a fire. As a result, the tourism in Deephaven started to rapidly decline. By the early 1920’s, the city shifted from being a lively and highly visited tourist location, to a peaceful, secluded lakeside town.

The shores of the lake are host to the city’s most beautiful, elegant, and historical homes. One example is the “Waldon” estate. In 1910, Walter and Mahala Douglas built a luxurious 27-room estate near the shores of the lake. They were both passengers aboard the Titanic. Although Walter perished when the Titanic sank, his wife, Mahala, survived. Today, their estate lives on and is just one of the many beautiful houses that overlook the Lake Minnetonka.

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